At Adams Mabry Swann, LLC, we are big fans of the web video Trombone Player Wanted, by Marcus Buckingham. In the video, Marcus outlines a way to be more effective with your life and work by maximizing your strengths, and building a partnership with others to cover your weaknesses.

His premise is, that as a society we are told to constantly work on our weaknesses to improve them, but in reality we should work on our strengths to stand out in a crowded market. Only by maximizing our strengths can we truly be successful. 

Adams Mabry Swann, LLC has adopted this team based approach in a variety of different ways. 

First off, of the three of us we have vastly different skills and experience.

Pete has spent his career in sales and sales strategy. This allows him to innately know what will click in the minds of a customer. 

Chris has spent his career in the design and art world. He is a master at designing a host of different creative tools, both digital and physical. 

Travis a fantastic copywriter and media specialist. His career in the publishing world has allowed him to hone his skills with connecting with the reader, and making sure the reader easily finds content and advertising in their daily routine.

In this example, Adams Mabry Swann, LLC plays to our individual strengths. You won't see Chris at a networking event selling our products, just like Pete and Travis will not be toiling away on a design in Photoshop. 

How can you apply this method to your business?

We have clients that own and operate fantastic restaurants, retail establishments, and private schools. They are experts and masters at what they do, and are energized and fulfilled by their work. 

You won't see Pete, Chris, or Travis in the kitchen, assisting retail customers, or educating children any time soon. Our strengths are in marketing and advertising. 

We can be the partner that strengthens your marketing and advertising output, freeing you up to follow your business passion, and allowing you to delight the customers of your business.