Clear strategy in advertising is critical. Exactness in copywriting is crucial. Design and visual elements, however, are the most important piece of any advertising campaign. What your potential customers and clients see relates much more strongly to their value system, and ultimately ties their values to your brand. Below are 4 ways design affects your advertising.

1. Design Opens The Door to Your Brand

Whether you want to build awareness, or drive conversions, the design of your advertising brings trust and associative representation of the values your brand brings to the table. Quality, trust, comfort, or advancement all are related in the way your design conveys those emotions in the hearts and minds of your future customer base. Every piece of your advertising and marketing strategy says something about your brand. Make sure the design is consistent and well done.

2. Design brings Visibility

You have to stand out in a good way in order to gain the attention of an ad weary marketplace. Stunning visuals that relate your brands values also get people to pay attention, bringing a deeper level of awareness and understanding about the message you convey. Find out what resonates with your audience, and design to that. Be sure to be consistent with your business's core values, the market can spot a fake a mile away.

3. Design Sells 

The psychological effect of your advertising allows your audience to associate themselves with the values your business provides. Well written copy, and pinpoint placement are both critical to the success of your campaign, but don't count out the emotional connection that good design can convey.

4. Design Backs Up Your Advertising Message

Trying to evoke a response to your audience through the written copy in your ad? Well designed pieces with strategic graphics and photography support your copy in a way that doubles down on your brand's message. You are able to appeal to your audience's minds with the written word, and their hearts with the design of the advertising.

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