Facebook Dislike Button

What it could mean for your business.

You might have heard that Facebook is considering a new dislike button for posts on user's news feeds. While Facebook contends that the dislike button is intended to show empathy for a sad post, many believe it will grow to become a sort of voting action to dislike the content of the post.

So what does this mean for your business? Facebook has worked very hard to make the user experience a positive one, thus creating advertising and business interest with very little fear of a post becoming negative. If the dislike button becomes a way for users to express their dislike of the content, businesses and advertisers will need to be much more strategic with their post and ad copy, and with the images they use. Creation of content that is widely disliked could serve the opposite effect of the intended message.

Most businesses are not accustomed to the negative nature that a bad post might bring. So far, they only see those who like the post, and the reach of the post in Facebook Insights, thus shielding them from negative reactions other than comments. If users can easily dislike their content, businesses may have a hard time overcoming the stream of negativity on their Facebook pages.

So what should business do if the dislike button becomes a reality?

1. Strategically think of ways to appeal to the masses while minimizing the damage that may come from negative response.

2. Become more responsive if a post starts to rack up negative dislikes.

3. Consider hiring an advertising and marketing agency with experience in content management and Facebook advertising.

While businesses will never be able to appeal to everybody, expertly written posts and advertising, along with appealing design will minimize dislikes by Facebook users. If the dislike button becomes a reality, businesses and advertisers will need to adapt quickly.

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