Tonight, I took my family to Chuck E. Cheese after my daughter had a doctor's appointment. I ran into a friend who's wife owns and operates a retail clothing store in Murfreesboro, and another one in Nashville. I was able to get a lead on possible business in a Chuck E. Cheese.

As an old sales pro, I thought of the iconic opening seen to Glengarry Glen Ross. If you haven't seen it, Alex Baldwin tries to motivate a group of real estate salesmen to convert leads into closed business. He uses the acronym ABC, Always Be Closing.

It made me think, how valuable a 24 hour a day sales presence would be to an average business. Is your marketing and advertising output using the mantra of always be closing? With good strategy, incredible design, and strategic media placement, your website, social media, SEO, advertising, and creative assets can help your achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Always Be Closing!