Having just finished the Murfreesboro Young Professionals Leadership Summit, featuring keynote speaker and NYT Bestselling Author Donald Miller, our digital marketing and advertising toolkit has grown. We wanted to share some of Donald Miller's best practices for connecting with your customers, and growing your business through dynamic storytelling of your brand.

Donald breaks down attracting new customers to your business in the same way great movie scripts are written. 

1. There is a character. The character is the customer, and their needs are the most important thing to them.  The best businesses know what the customer wants.

2. The character has a problem. Many businesses sell a product that solves an external solution, but what customers really want is a solution to an internal problem. They want to be seen, heard, or recognized in some way.

3. The character meets a guide. The best businesses are guiding their customers to a solution.  Think of Luke Skywalker meeting Yoda in Star Wars, or Katniss Everdeen meeting Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games. 

4. The guide helps the character solve their problem by developing a plan. The business guide gives their customer a plan to solve their problem.

5. The plan spurs the character to action. The customer buys what the business has to offer by using a simple call to action, telling them how to purchase the plan.

6. The plan results in success, redeeming the character and their choice. The customer feels satisfied with solution to their problem and is happy with their purchase.

7. There is a transformation in the identity of the character. The customer is now a fan of your business and the products and services you sell.

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