At AMS, we love our Nashville Predators. With a win yesterday, they will move on to the Western Conference Finals for the first time ever. Read on to see the 5 business lessons you can learn from the Nashville Predators.

1. Know Your Strengths
The Nashville Predators have built their team around their defense. With one of the best goaltenders in the league, and an aggressive and stifling defense, the Preds have a suffocating defense that transitions into a lighting quick offense. This year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs the Nashville Predators have the highest scoring defensive unit and the lowest goals against average. Your business should know where your strengths are, and build a staff that can execute your goals.

2. Know Your Market
Smashville has been praised for a loud and raucous home ice crowd. This is no accident. Nashville is a non-traditional hockey market with more football fans than hockey fans. In fact, many of the fans did not know the rules of hockey. The Predators have worked for 20 years to educate the fans, and build a fantastic game day environment. The result is a rabid fanbase that has been called one of the best in hockey. Your business needs to build a brand that results in raving fans, helping to propel your company to the next level.

3. Overcome Obstacles
As recently as 2008, the Predators were in danger of moving to another city. There were pockets of raving fans, but the city overall was not all in. Ownership was preparing to sell the team to an owner who would move the team to Ontario, Canada. A local group rallied and bought the team to keep them in Nashville. After these financial troubles were handled, the Preds had a clear vision and began rebuilding to become a perennial playoff contender. Your business may face ups and downs, but with expert guidance and determination, you can turn it around.

4. Don't Think Like The Underdog
When playing against top tier teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, it would be easy to take the underdog role. The Predators never talk like they are an underdog. In fact, the team has consistently said that the Stanley Cup is the ultimate goal. They truly believe that they can match up with anybody, and have developed a fearless reputation. Your business may be small, and have disadvantages against larger competition, but your outlook will determine your outcome.

5. Think Long Term
The Predators are not an overnight success. They have consistently drafted and traded for players that fit their system. Goaltender Pekka Rinne, was drafted 13 years ago as the Predators looked to build the team they knew would succeed. They even traded fan favorite Captain Shea Weber last season for PK Subban. Subban is younger and gives them top level talent for years to come. It might be easy to fix a short term problem, but business success is built over time. 

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