At Adams Mabry Swann, LLC we love blogs and content marketing. Consistently blogging about relevant information your customers are looking for and search engine optimized content will help your website perform better, generate new leads, and lead to higher search engine rankings.

So you have decided to take the blogging plunge, now what? You have to decide what content to write about. 

There are two types of content that blogs consist of. Topical content, blogs that are relevant to a recent event, and Evergreen content, blogs that are relevant for longer term reading.

Typically, topical content will lead to a spike in traffic, but receive little to no viewings in the long term. Examples include blogs about a recent conference, or time sensitive trends in your industry.

Evergreen content will see a spike in traffic immediately after posting, but also continue to receive views long after posting because the content is relevant for a longer amount of time. Examples include time tested industry insight, and content that can referenced month after month and year after year.

When formulating a business blogging strategy, include a mix of topical and evergreen content that leans heavily on the evergreen side. You will get the benefit of spikes in traffic from the topical content, but continue to find new blog readers over time from search engines with your evergreen content.

If you need help with a Content Marketing Strategy, or business blog writing, give Adams Mabry Swann, LLC a call. We have custom blog management and writing packages that fit any budget.