The communications field is one that is always intriguing.

At times, many will ask themselves, why do I do this? Is it worth it?

For me, I don’t know what else I would do if I didn’t work in communications.

Sure, there are times when you want to pull your hair out. And there are times when anxiety and stress kick in and get the best of you. But this is common to any job, so you just keep rolling.

But at the end of the day, there are so many reasons to love a job in communications.

For me, people make a difference. There are so many relationships that are forged across many different areas – media outlets, publicists, events, chambers of commerce, small businesses, networking groups and many more channels. When you have this, it makes the ride so much smoother and enjoyable.  You soon realize its people and their stories that keep you going. And at times, business is the last thing on the mind as there are so many new people you meet along the way.

Working in media, there are certain responsibilities that come with the job. To me, it’s sometimes a wild feeling that thousands of people have read words that have been derived from my mind and my own two hands. You have to get the story right, as you are at times an influencer of a brand, a business, an artist or whatever subject is at hand.

On the creative side, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. It goes hand in hand with the prose and pushes the story along. When you have the correct visual, it speaks volumes. The visual language is a beautiful one, and is vital within the communications field, especially today in a world of images.

On item of note to me is the advertising, newspaper, magazine, broadcaster jobs are always the roles which are the glamorous ones in the movies. Some of the greatest characters worked in communications - Spider Man, Superman and Don Draper. Of course, they aren’t always as they seem, but the one commonality is charismatic individuals, and most of all, people who love what they do always fit the criteria.

While there are many more reasons to work in the communications industry, the latter is one of the most important…love what you do.