It’s amazing to imagine how many messages we see each day. From the time we arise from bed, eat breakfast and drive to work, there’s a good chance we’ve already consumed hundreds of signs and signifiers.

Throughout a full day, how many messages do you remember? What grabs your attention? And what messages simply become part of the daily routine?

While there are several outlets competing for attention these days, the basics of the communication model have never veered over time.  In the same manner, messages compete on every level – newspapers, magazines, television, radio, websites, blogs, smartphones, newsletters, tablets, apps and many more areas. You name it, there is more than likely a message attached somewhere to it.

With so many more options on every corner, a sound communications strategy is vital in today’s marketplace. Many businesses have learned to survive over the past few years, relying solely on social media and a few other ways and means to promote their message, while gaining enough business. Playing it safe is one thing, but staying stagnant in the marketplace is another. If you were to look at your business today, where does it stand? What message is it portraying to a given audience? Are you grabbing anyone’s attention?

Technology is leveling to some extent and we learn more each day how each of us gain information. As a result, finding the balance between traditional thought with a modern approach is key.