Today, I participated in a networking golf tournament with Murfreesboro area professionals. It struck me as we started to tee off that our golf foursome consisted of individuals of varying strengths and weaknesses. I am long off the tee, but without a good mid range game. One of our group was excellent at putting, but not a long driver. Another of our group had an uncanny ability to get the ball on the green on the par 3's, while the last of our group always came through in the clutch when we needed a good shot. In many ways, a best ball scramble team is like a business. 

Individuals in business have different strengths. The best managers and leaders are able to identify those strengths and build a team that cooperates with each other for the betterment of the organization. At Adams Mabry Swann we strive to be a partner that strengthens your brand, and puts your business in the best possible situations to achieve success. If our golf team consisted of people like myself, we would have monster drives, but fail to get the ball in the cup. 

As you look at your business team, try to identify the strengths of your team members, and put them in a situation to win. If we can be of any help by joining your team, and strengthening your marketing and advertising output, we would be honored to do so.

If you would like to join our golf networking group, check out, or shoot us an email.