It was inevitable, but someday it had to happen. Facebook would charge for advertising. 

In a recent article from Time magazine, the subject of businesses using Facebook as their only means to drive traffic and sales comes to the forefront as the popular social giant has reduced the organic reach of business pages. Once, you could drive traffic to your site reaching over 10% of your given audience with a single post. Now the number has dropped by 50% in most cases. And the only typical solution offered is to buy advertising. 

With all this being said, one thing remains the same - social media is a support medium. Sure, everyone wants "word of mouth" and it is sometimes easy to say that you posted content to Facebook and that was a big achievement. But remember, paid advertising will always likely be one of the best ways to assure people are viewing your message. And to achieve "word of mouth," someone has to know about you from another platform to begin the conversation. 

It's a great, big world out there with thousands of messages competing for your attention each day. Look for a sound social media strategy, but don't forget all of your other channels as well.