Case Study:

National Health Investors NYSE: NHI

CAmpaign Intel:

Publicly traded company, National Health Investors NYSE: NHI, hired Adams Mabry Swann, LLC of Murfreesboro, TN to design their Quarterly Supplemental that is sent to all their investors, and submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. NHI wanted to develop a brand system that set them apart from their competition, and communicated the relationships they build with their operator partners. Custom graphs, charts, and tables were built using contemporary colors and graphic design practices. A magazine layout was chosen in order to showcase the analytical data in a more editorial format.  Adams Mabry Swann, LLC procured printing of this document on 11x 17 saddle stitched glossy magazine weight paper, ensuring a long shelf life in offices and lobbies around the country.  A companion Power Point document was built by Adams Mabry Swann, LLC to coincide with an investor conference and presentation.


NHI absolutely loved the new look of their Quarterly Supplemental, and received great feedback from their investors and business partners around the country. The new brand system in place will now be used on advertising and web design projects currently being designed and developed by Adams Mabry Swann, LLC.

Click on the images below for a larger view of the cover and spread layout.